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Architecture vineyard


The "feixes" or "terraces" are shored up by kilometers of dry stone walls. This system of ‘shelving’ reduces the steepness of the slopes and allows better penetration of rainfall. Acces to and mobility around the vines is also improved. The walls are constructed in such a way as to encourage maximum water retention, diverting the rainwater into the ground. Multipurpouse, the schist walls also accumulate the heat of the sun and contribute towards the maturation of the grapes.

AGULLAS AND PEU DE GALL (furrow-drain)

A structured irrigation system, designed to make best use of rainfall, is at the center of each parcel of vinyard. The "agullas" , vertical channels, are connected to horizontal and diagonal ‘secondary channels giving the characteristic aspect of ‘peu de gall’ or ‘cock’s claw’. These structures steady the flow of rainwater, lessening its erosive nature and allowing better penetration.


Many vinyards boast a shelter and storage point in the form of a little hut, often equipped with a hearth and chimney: the "casot" casot’ may be rectangular or round, sometimes built of schist like the dry stone walls. The roof may be tiled and the entrance often doen’t exceed 1 meter high.